Monday, July 12, 2010

FarmVille Bee Hive Giftable Links for Materials

Click the picture of the beehive material you wish to send to your FarmVille neighbors.

Tip: Send out multiple items, so you can receive them all back and build your beehive quicker!

Think Before Purchasing Bees for Farm Cash--They Can be Found for FREE!

Once you have completed the FarmVille bee hive, you can add a Queen Bee and Honey Bees. These little pollinators can be bought in the market, but think hard before you spend precious farm cash. Free Queen Bees can be found around flower crops and during neighbor crop fertilization. Her Majesty will cost you 10FV$ in the market.

Once you have a Queen Bee you can start making the Honey Bees. If you don't want to wait, five Honey Bees can be purchased in the FV market for 5FV$. The Honey Bees will pollinate your crops and pollinated crops may produce rewards.

Will you be spending farm cash on bees?

Buildable Bee Hives have Arrived in FarmVille

FarmVille updated tonight with the addition of buildable bee hives. The bee hive frame can be found in your gift box. If your gift box is full, the frame can be purchased in the market for 5,000 coins.

The frame can be placed on your farm and only takes up the space of one crop plot.

Like most builds you will need to gather 50 items by asking friends or collecting from the game feed. Bee hive parts can also be purchased in the market for 1 farm cash each. You will need 10 of each:

-Bees Wax
-Wooden Boards

After you build the bee hive, you will need to find the Queen Bee. Then you can build a swarm to pollinate your crops.  Special rewards will be given for pollinated crops, like more perfect bushels.

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