Friday, November 12, 2010

Orange Mums Giftable for Limtied Time

Orange Mums on FarmVille 'Free Gifts' Page
Orange Mums have appeared on the FarmVille 'Free Gifts' page. The gift is only available for a limited time, so hurry if you want these flowers to grace your farm!

New FarmVille Crops: Purple Asparagus & Electric Lilies

FarmVille introduced two new crops Thursday, Purple Asparagus and Electric Lilies. Both new crops are available for Mastery, if you have met the special requirements.

Purple Asparagus Crop Details:

Purple Asparagus can be planted by Level 47 and above farmers and will require that you first master Asparagus.

Purple Asparagus seeds cost 220 Coins to plant, 2 XP gained, take 16 hours to grow and yield 365 coins when harvested.

Purple Asparagus Crop Mastery Levels:
  • Mastery Star Level 1: 800
  • Mastery Star Level 2: 1,600
  • Mastery Star Level 3: 2,400
  • Total Mastery: 4,800
Electric Lilly Crop Details:

New FarmVille Thanksgiving Items: Harvest Table & Clothing

FarmVille Harvest Table in Market
FarmVille has added to the Thanksgiving Event with a re-released Harvest Table decoration and avatar clothing. Unlike the Turkey Roost, all this Thanksgiving loot takes Farm Cash to get. These new items will be in the market for 19 days.

The Harvest Table is from last year's Autumn Event. Feel lucky if you snagged this decoration for 3,000 coins then, because it will take 20 Farm Cash to get it this time around.

New FarmVille Thanksgiving Decoration 11/11/10:
  • Harvest Table - cost 20 Farm Cash, 2000 XP gained (re-release)
New FarmVille Thanksgiving Clothing 11/11/10:
  • Pumpkin (costume) - cost 20 Farm Cash, 700 XP gained
  • Orange Turkey (sweater) - cost 5 Farm Cash, 175 XP gained
  • Yellow Turkey (sweater) - cost 5 Farm Cash, 175 XP gained
  • Green Turkey (sweater) - cost 5 Farm Cash, 175 XP gained
Thanksgiving Clothing in FarmVille Market
Turkey sweater anyone?

New FarmVille Country Fair Decorations: UFO Ride, Pony Ride & Fair Fence

FarmVille UFO Ride
Three new Country Fair decorations have been added to the FarmVille Market on Thursday night's update. A new Fair Fence and two carnival rides, the UFO Ride and Pony Ride. The Fair Fence and Pony Ride can be purchased with coins, but it will take Farm Cash to score the new UFO Ride.

New FarmVille Country Fair Decorations 11/11/10:
  • UFO Ride - cost 20 Farm Cash, 2000 XP gained
  • Pony Ride - cost 250,000 Coins, 2500 XP gained
  • Fair Fence - cost 5,000 Coins, 50 XP gained
Pony Ride in FarmVille Market
Fair Fence in FarmVille Market
UFO Ride in FarmVille Market

New FarmVille Country Fair Event Building for Coins!

FarmVille Fair Market
FarmVille has added another limited edition building to the Country Fair Event. The Fair Market is available for 300,000 Coins, for 14 days. Farmers will gain 300,000 XP if they purchase this new building.

Fair Market in FarmVille Market
Are you happy to see a limited edition building that can be bought with coins?

New FarmVille Pig: Spotted Potbelly

FarmVille Spotted Potbelly
FarmVille has enhanced tonight to offer us a brand new Country Fair Event animal. The Spotted Potbelly can be purchased for 18 Farm Cash and can be found in the Market for the next 14 days.

The Spotted Potbelly Pig can also be placed in the Pig Pen, and be be used there to hunt for truffles.

Spotted Potbelly Pig in FarmVille Market
In further FarmVille Country Fair animal news, the Pinto Pony and Dwarf Goat are now full price. The Pinto Pony is now 24 Farm Cash and the Dwarf Goat is 14 Farm Cash. Both animals will exit the market in 14 days.

Will you be buying the new Spotted Potbelly Pig?

New FarmVille Country Fair Tree: Snow Cone Tree

FarmVille Snow Cone Tree

A second harvestable tree has been added to the FarmVille Country Fair Event, the Snow Cone Tree. This tree takes two days to harvest and yields 150 coins. The Snow Cone Tree is limited edition and will only be in the market for 14 days, costing 5 Farm Cash.

Even though the Snow Cone Tree can be harvested, Mastery is not available. It is also not available for the Country Fair Cotton Candy Tree. It seems like FarmVille may be missing a selling point there. This blue tree is awesome, but we would be more likely to pony up Farm Cash if limited edition trees were masterable.

Snow Cone Tree in FarmVille Market
Would you be more likely to by a limited edition tree for Farm Cash if Mastery was available? Or is exclusivity enough?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

FarmVille Bi-Plane Now Works on Trees!

FarmVille Bi-Plane Growing Trees Loading Screen
The FarmVille Bi-Plane has been updated to include the ability to instantly grow trees. Instantly growing trees also works with the UFO and Chrome Plane.Using insta grow on trees does cost Farm Cash.

To use this feature, click on your Bi-Plane and go to 'Apply Instant Grow.' You will then see this new Bi-Plane screen:

FarmVille Bi-Plane 'Apply Instant Grow' Screen
Both crops and trees will automatically be selected. Just click on the box to uncheck a selection you don't want to use insta grow on. (Price will change to reflect your selections.)

The screen tells you separately how much Farm Cash it will take to instantly grow all of the crops and trees on your farm. The 'Cost' total is how much Farm Cash you will be charged, if you click 'Grow Now!'

The loading screen gives the impression that the Bi-Plane will also instantly make your FarmVille Orchards ready to harvest. We haven't tested this, so can't say for sure that it will.

Will you be using the bi-plane to get your trees ready to harvest?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

FarmVille Turkey Roosts Slowly Rolling Out

Turkey Roost Pop-Up in FarmVille
FarmVille Turkey Roosts have slowly been rolling out for several hours now. The roost is a constructable, expandable limited edition building, as the frame will only be available until December 1, 2010. You will be able to continue working on already purchased frames.

The Turkey Roost holds 40 turkeys when fully expanded.

FarmVille Community Manager Lexilicious posted on the slow roll-out in the forum:
"Please note: This feature is currently only available to a randomly selected group of users. We will be slowly releasing this feature to all users to ensure the health and stability of the application."

Lexilicious on Turkey Roost Roll-Out, in FarmVille Forum

Have you received your Turkey Roost yet?

White Turkey New Animal Feed Trough Award

White Turkey Picture in Feed Trough
The Animal Feed Trough has updated with a new prize animal, the White Turkey! Fill your trough with 20 scoops of animal feed and within a day you might just catch this hungry gobler.

If you do find the White Turkey in your feed trough, you'll be able to post one for your friends to adopt.

FarmVille White Turkey adoption post on news feed.
Are you excited about a new adoptable Feed Trough animal?

New FarmVille Free Giftable: Yellow Mums

Yellow Mums Free Gift
Yellow Mums can now be found on FarmVille's 'Free Gifts' page. But to send these flowers to your friends, you'll have to visit The new decoration is exclusively sendable from that website.

Yellow Mums on 'Free Gifts' Page

Will you be sending flowers to your friends?

Animals Permanently Returned to Market: Two Horses & a Turkey

FarmVille Wild Turkey 2
 Three previously limited edition animals have been permanently re-released into the FarmVille Market. The two horses are the Autumn Horse and Forest Horse. The Wild Turkey 2, also re-released, was part of September's 'Wild West' event.

LE FarmVille Animals Added to Market:
  • Wild Turkey - cost 18 Farm Cash
  • Autumn Horse - cost 30 Farm Cash
  • Forest Horse - cost 30 Farm Cash

Are you excited to see these animals back in the market?

Evergreen Train Rolls Into FarmVille Market

The Evergreen Train previewed in Tuesday night's Country Fair Showcase 2 Video has arrived in the FarmVille Market. It looks like the train may be a permanent addition, as there is no expiration date and it was placed behind limited edition items.

The Evergreen Train, Car and Cart can be found under the market 'decorations' tab, along with the train track sections.

New FarmVille Evergreen Train Parts:
  • Evergreen Train - cost 20 Farm Cash, 320 XP gained
  • Evergreen Car - cost 120,000 Coins, 1200 XP gained
  • Evergreen Cart - cost 7 Farm Cash, 70 XP gained
FV Evergreen Train in Market
FV Evergreen Car in Market
FV Evergreen Cart in Market

 What do you think of FarmVille's newest train?

Limited Edition Country Fair Decorations: Deluxe Carousel, Giant Slide & More

Deluxe Carousel
FarmVille has released more Country Fair decorations into the Market. Only one decoration, the Giant Slide, is new. The other three are re-releases from last year's Country Fair Event.

The Giant Slide is part of the 50% off promotion, which is only lasting two days. The re-released items will be available for 14 days.

Released Country Fair Decorations:
  • Giant Slide (new) - cost 15 Farm Cash, 50% percent off price
  • Deluxe Carousel (re-release) - cost 35 Farm Cash, 800 XP gained
  • Racing Booth (re-release) - cost 3,000 Coins, 30 XP gained
  • Cotton Candy (re-release) - cost 2,000 Coins, 20 XP gained

New FarmVille LE Country Fair Buildings: Garlic Stand & Festival Band

FarmVille Festival Band
FarmVille Garlic Stand
FarmVille has released some interesting new buildings as part of the LE Country Fair theme, the Garlic Stand and the Festival Band stand.

The Festival Band features the FarmVille duck, white chicken and sheep on a stage, playing instruments. This new building is part of the two-day 50% off Country Fair item sale.

The Garlic Stand and picnic table are so whimsical, we're thinking it would look fitting next to our Shoe House. This building will be in the market for 14 days.

New FarmVille Country Fair Buildings:
  • Garlic Stand – cost 250,000 Coins, 2500 XP gained
  • Festival Band – cost 21 Farm Cash (50% off)
Garlic Stand in FarmVille Market
Festival Band in FarmVille Market

 Will you be adding either of these new buildings to your farm?

New FarmVille LE Country Fair Animal: Dwarf Goat

LE FarmVille Dwarf Goat
A Dwarf Goat has been added to the FarmVille Market, for a limited time. The Dwarf goat is part of the limited edition Country Fair 50% off introductory sale, for 7 Farm Cash. After the two-day sale is over, it is expected that the Dwarf Goat price will raise to 14 Farm Cash.

Dwarf Goat in FV Market

New FarmVille Horse: Pinto Pony & Pinto Pony Foal

Pinto Pony in FarmVille Market
A new spotted cutie has entered the FarmVille Market, the Pinto Pony. This new pony can be place in the stables to produce Pinto Pony Foals!

The limited edition Pinto Pony is currently 12 Farm Cash, as part of the 50% Off Country Fair sale. After November 11, owning this beauty will run you 24 Farm Cash. 

Pinto Pony
Pinto Pony Foal

Will you be hunting your game feed for a Pinto Pony Foal?

Mystery Game Updated with LE Country Fair Items

FarmVille Country Fair Mystery Game
FarmVille updated with six all-new LE Country Fair prizes. Three animals and three decorations are now available to win. This Mystery Gaame will cost you 16 Farm Cash to play and will only be in the Market for seven days.

Two decorations, the Log Ride and Bumper Cars, were teased in tonight's FarmVille Country Fair Showcase 2 Video.

The Tea Cups prize is a re-release form the 2009 Country Fair Event.

Remember, there is no guarantee you won't receive duplicates of some prizes.

New LE Country Fair Mystery Game Prizes 11/09/10:
  • Camel
  • Baby Zebra 
  • Guinea Pig
  • Bumper Cars
  • Tea Cups/Super Spin (re-release)
  • Log Ride
Baby Zebra
Guinea Pig
Super Spin/Tea Cups
Fair Log Ride
Fair Bumper Cars

 Will you be trying for any of these prizes?
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