Thursday, November 4, 2010

Megamind Farm Help Prizes Revealed (Limited Time)

Megamind Decoration Prize
If you're wondering weither or not to go help Megamind on his limited time farm, have a look at the prizes. For clicking a button to help the evil genius' machine project his image onto his crops, you will earn a decoration and a consumable. These prizes will be sent to your FarmVille gift box.

Megamind Thank-You Screen
The decoration (pictured above) is of Megamind in his ship, sidekick in tow. The consumeable is MEGA Grow, which can be applied once to your crops. It works like the FarmVille bi-plane insta-grow. (We're personally waiting to harvest crops and plant square melons before MEGA Grow application.)

Megamind Decoration in Gift Box
MEGA Grow in Gift Box

MegaMind's machine at work on crops.

Second Megamind crops.

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