Saturday, November 6, 2010

Putting More than One Orchard on Your Farm--Is it Okay?

Multiple Orchards on FarmVille
"Can I have more than one FarmVille Orchard on my farm?" That seems to be the most often asked Orchard question. It's understandable, especially from those who have had extra chicken coops and multiple nursery barns yanked by the Zynga gods. Like the lost foals/calves in the nursery barns, you don't want to see your precious trees disappear.

Well, you don't have to worry about your extra Orchards being considered FarmVille contraband. Additional Orchard frames are available for purchase in the Market. Constructable frames are 1,000 coins and fully built Orchards are 30 Farm Cash.

Orchard constructable and pre-built frames in FarmVille Market.
What's that you say? Why, yes, you were able to purchase extra nursery barns in the Market. And, no, that didn't keep the buildings from being confiscated. But you can rest easy in this case. Community Manager Lexilicious has made it clear, in the Official FarmVille Forum and the Official FarmVille Podcast, that farmers will be allowed as many Orchards as they can purchase or construct.
"Once an Orchard is fully complete, you can choose to start building another one by buying an incomplete Orchard frame in the Market (for 1,000 coins) or a fully complete Orchard (30 Farm Cash). You can have as many Orchards as you have farm space for, provided you are building only one at a time." -- Lexilicious

So, YES, you may have more than one Orchard on your farm. Zynga approves.

Will you be placing more than one Orchard on your farm?

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