Thursday, November 4, 2010

Limited Time Megamind Blue Items Finally Enter FarmVille Market!

Megamind Blue Cow
After over two hours of showing an ad that they were available, the Megamind items have finally entered the market. And, yes, the Blue Cow is one of them! Hurry if you want a permanent reminder of this promotion, Megamind items will be exiting the FarmVille Market in seven days!

The Satellite Barn is a storage building, with a 22 item capacity. The Blue Cow can go into the Dairy to produce the Blue Calf. The Blue Tree is a decoration and cannot be harvested.

Sadly, all Megamind limited edition items are for Farm Cash. But, hey, we did get the free decoration from his farm!

Blue Tree in FarmVille Market
Satellite Barn in FarmVille Market
Blue Cow in FarmVille Market

Will you be buying Megamind items for your farm?

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