Sunday, November 7, 2010

First FarmVille Orchards Harvested, Mystery Tree Seedlings Produced

FarmVille Orchard
 It's been two days since Orchards arrived on FarmVille, which means the first harvests are ready! Time to find out if you produced a new Mystery Tree Seedling. Mystery Seedlings grow Level 2 Trees, when watered 10 times.

You will know your Orchard is ready to be harvested when the trees are bearing fruit and the pink collection bubble is showing. If you have many Orchards close together on your farm, the bubble may not be visible. Mousing  over the Orchard will tell you t is ready.

One click on the Orchard will harvest all 20 trees inside. If you produced a Mystery Tree Seedling, you will see this message:
"Hooray! You got [XXX] amount of coins and also found a mystery tree seedling! Find it in your giftbox and don't forget to water it! Want to share one with your friends too?"
 If you weren't lucky enough to produce a Mystery Seed, you will see this message:

The pop-up implies that you will be able to harvest your Orchard in one day, instead of 48 hours. We won't know if that is actually the case until tomorrow.

Did your Orchard produce a Mystery Tree Seedling? Which one?

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