Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Farm Cash Items 50% Off - - But Is It Poor Planning?

FarmVille 50% off Halloween Sale Screen
FarmVille Halloween farm cash items didn't leave the market as planned tonight. Instead, everything was given a two-day extension for a 50% off sale! While this is extremely cool news if you still wanted to pick up some Halloween animal or buildings, it doesn't seem quite thought out.

For example: If you wanted to buy the Halloween Train, but didn't have enough farm cash for the engine and cart (caboose). You probably didn't buy any train cars for coins, since they are pointless without the rest of the locomotive.All Halloween coin items have exited the market, so the train car isn't in the market for the sale.
The Nightmare horse is a sale item.
It seems like FarmVille may have made more money from this sale if they would have started it a couple hours earlier.

Coin items, non-Halloween goods, Spooky Effects and the Gothic Mystery Game are not included in the FarmVille 50% off sale. The Witch House (shown in the sale ad) and other previous Halloween Mystery Game prizes are also not available for this two-day sale.

Will you be snapping up any Halloween Farm Cash items for half off?

What Have Your FarmVille Trick-or-Treaters Been Up To?

Did a trick-or-treater show up in your costume?
Happy Halloween, FarmVille Feed Fanatics! The Halloween Event is creaking to a halt. Soon farms will be de-spookified, Haunted Houses will be stored and avatars will shed their costumes.

It's All Hallows Eve and we want to take a minute to look back on what our virtual trick-or-treaters have been up to.

We have discovered Cat Ladies and Supermen on our barns and other odd places, producing actual LOL moments. (It's silly to give avatars emotions, but we swear they can look mad or scared!) Missing an animal only to discover it was turned into a ghost? We've been through that. This year's Halloween Event has also given a new meaning to "cleaning out the cobwebs".

It might be annoying tomorrow, when we go to return out farms back to normal. Tonight, however, we are looking at our farms and smiling at how much Halloween spirit our neighbors added to them.
Many of our FarmVille trick-or-treaters arrived on the barn.
Did you have any funny FarmVille trick-or-treat moments?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

White Kitty Now Giftable for Limited Time

White Kitty on 'Free Gifts' Page
For a limited time, FarmVille's White Kitty is has arrived on the 'Free Gifts' Page. If you have never had a chance to grab this previously adoptable feline, now is your chance. Hurry, though. Lately, limited time gifts haven't been hanging around FarmVille for more than a day. Some only hours.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Black Rose Glitch Update: Over-Seeding Causing Errors?

Farmers are still seeing their Black Rose crops wither, or are simply unable to access gifted seeds. Zynga is still looking into the issue. They think out-of-sync errors may be caused by trying to use the combine to plant more seeds than available.

The offered work around is to simply to try to plant more plots of Black Roses than you have seeds.

The glitch is posted in the Official FarmVille Forum 'Known Issues' section. FarmVille Community SpecialistVoltai posted this update:
Out of Sync When Using a Combine with Black Roses:


When players use their combines to plant Black Roses, they will receive an out-of-sync error should they queue up more combine actions than they have seeds for.


This issue is currently under investigation.


Do not queue up more farm actions than the number of giftable seeds you have available until this issue has been listed as fixed.
 Are you getting annoyed with the Black Rose roll out glitches?

Stone Coffin Halloween Decoration Hits FarmVille Market

Stone Coffin in FarmVille Market
FarmVille has updated tonight (10/29/10) with one more new Halloween decoration, the Stone Coffin. Hurry if you want to add this creepy decoration to your farm. It is only in the market for two days.

New FarmVille Halloween Decoration:
  • Stone Coffin - cost 20 Farm Cash, 200 XP gained

The Stone Coffin is an animated decoration and shakes back and forth. Like a mummy could be inside!

FarmVille Stone Coffin
What do you think of this new Halloween decoration?

FarmVille Bull Limited Time Giftable

FarmVille Bull on Free Gifts Page
The FarmVille Bull has found its way to the 'Free Gifts' page. Farmers can now send and request this gift to their neighbors. But if you need one, hurry. This limited time free gift doesn't say when it expires and can be gone soon.

The FarmVille Bull can be placed in your diary. Doing so allows cows a chance to produce a calf, when your diary is ready to be collected from.

Will you be asking your neighbors for a bull?

Black Roses Withering Immediately After Planting

Withered Black Roses on a farm, just after planting.
If you have been planting limited edition Black Roses on your farm, you may have noticed some plots are withering right after planting. Here at FarmVille Feed Fanatic, we've notice that an out-of-sync error occurs after planting the crop. When going back into the farm, one or two freshly seeded plots have withered.

A quick stop by the Official FarmVille Forum let us know that many players are experiencing this crop-killing glitch. Some are having whole fields instantly wither.

Farmers are also having other issues with the new giftable seed roll-out:
  • Inability to receive seed packets
  • Unable to send Black Rose seed packets
  • Unable to ask for Black Rose seeds
Note: For those wondering why accepted seed packets are not showing in your gift box, check your "Seeds" market tab. The Black Rose seeds are supposed to go there, instead of the gift box.

Accepted Black Rose Seed Packets in FarmVille Market.

Are you experiencing any glitches with the Black Rose giftable seed roll out?

Zynga's FarmVille Avatar Costume Contest Boasts 150 FV$ Prize

FarmVille Avatar Costume Contest Loading Screen
FarmVille is promoting their Avatar Halloween Costume Contest with a new loading screen. The 20 contest winners will bank a sweet 150 Farm Cash and 100,000 Coins!  Farmers have until October 31, 2010  to enter a screen shot of their avatar's costume.

Here are the contest details, posted in Zynga's Official FarmVille Forum, by Community Specialist Voltai:
Show off your new character costumes in the Avatar Costume Contest! From October 28th to October 31st, submit a screenshot of your Farmer in costume to for a chance to win 150 Farm Cash and 100,000 Coins!

  • The FarmVille team will be select 20 random screenshots on the 31st of October.
  • No photoshopped (or edited) images are allowed. And yes, we can tell.
  • Posting will end at 11:59 PM PDT on October 31st.
  • We will announce the 20 winners on Tuesday, November 2nd.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Halloween LE Building: FarmVille Haunted Castle Released

Haunted Castle in FarmVille Market
FarmVille has finally released the Haunted Castle! Farmers only have three days to purchase this spooky limited edition building for their farms. (Also something we're guessing FarmVille noticed, as it costs less than the re-released Haunted House.)

New FarmVille LE Halloween Building:
  • Haunted Castle - cost 50 Farm Cash, 1,350 XP gained
FarmVille Haunted Castle
 Will you be buying this castle for your farm? Or is it too close to Halloween to hand over that much farm cash?

New FarmVille Halloween Animals Released: Robot Cow & Witch Cat

Robot Cow and Witch Cat in FarmVille Market.
FarmVille updated tonight with two new limited edition Halloween animals made available in the market, the Robot Cow and Witch Cat. Both animals are for Farm Cash, but remember, the Robot Cow produces a Robot Calf that you may adopt form your friend feed.

New LE Halloween Animals:
  • Robot Cow - cost 22 Farm Cash
  • (Black) Witch Cat - 12 Farm Cash
FarmVille Robot Calf
FarmVille Witch Cat
 FarmVille Robot Cow


New LE Halloween Decorations: FarmVille Wizard, Gargoyle Gate & More

FarmVille has released a bunch of new limited edition Halloween decorations in tonight's update. A few are tied into the new Black Rose LE crop, two are re-releases from last year and others are just fun!

These new Halloween farm decorations will be leaving the market in three days.

New FarmVille LE Halloween Decorations 10/28/10:
  • Raven -18 Farm Cash
  • Gargoyle Gate - 15 Farm Cash (re-release)
  • Wizard Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
  • Pumpkin Tree - 5 Farm Cash
  • Spooky Bats - 8,000 Coins (re-release)
  • Purple Lantern - 6,000 Coins
  • Black Rose Arch - 10,000 Coins
  • Thorny Hedge - 5,000 Coins

 What's your favorite new Halloween decoration?

New Limited Edition Black Rose Crop Giftable

Black Rose FarmVille loading screen.
FarmVille has released its newest limited edition crop for Halloween, the Black Rose. Mastery is available with this crop. Farmers have until November 17, 2010 to plant and harvest for mastery.

Black Rose in FarmVille Market
The Black Rose starts a new feature in the game; giftable seeds. Farmers can send and request Black Rose seeds in packets containing 20 seeds each, which covers 20 plots of land. There is also an option to buy the

New Dinosaur Halloween Costume for Coins

FarmVille Dinosaur Costume
FarmVille has added a Dinosaur to the coin costume options. The costume is 100,000 coins and purchasing it will gain you 1,000 XP.

This is another costume/clothing item where you may want to adjust your avatar's hair. You can tell by looking at the pic above that some hairstyles stick out weird from the headpiece.

Dinosaur Costume in FarmVille Market
Will you be telling your farmer "Rawr" by buying this new costume?

FarmVille Spine-Chilling Haunted House Can Now Be Stored

FarmVille Haunted House Store Item Option
The FarmVille Spine-Chilling Haunted House can now be put away in storage. Those farmers worried about what to do with the large building can now rest at ease.

Those farmers who have not completed their Haunted Houses to 'Spine-Chilling' level may need to do so before being able to store it.

Will you be storing your Haunted House after Halloween?

Unreleased FarmVille Animals: Robot Cow & Calf

Looks like the Robot Cow (which we spotted on the new FarmVille Halloween loading screen) may be breedable if it enters the game. At least that's what the unreleased Robot Calf image indicates.

We hope that the Robot Cow being featured on a Halloween loading screen means that the quirky bovine will be introduced into the game soon. (It is wearing a costume.) Unfortunately, that's not always how FarmVille rolls. Remember the dog loading screens and how much later it was introduced to the game?

FarmVille Unreleased Robot Cow

FarmVille Unreleased Robot Calf

Do you think the Robot Cow will be released before Halloween?

Chrome Monoplane Available In FarmVille iPhone App

Another item has been release exclusively for Apple FarmVille apps on the iPhone, iPad, iPod and iTouch. The Chrome Monoplane can be purchased for these users in the market for 30,000. Farmers gain 300 XP for the purchase.

Like the Bi-Plane and UFO, the Chrome Monoplane can be used to apply insta-grow to your crops. It will cost farm cash to apply insta-grow to your crops.

Will you be buying a Chrome Monoplane or are you bored with new releases that serve the same purpose as old ones?

Farmers Insurance Unwither Turned Off -- But It May Come Back!

The ten day wither protection Farmers Insurance promotion has expired. No more carefree planting of raspberries before going to bed..well..unless you own an unwither ring. The Farmers Airship stays on farms as a keepsake of the promotion.

But don't delete those zeppelins yet! Farmers Insurance posted this update on their Facebook page:

"Great news! Thanks to you, the Farmers Airship will stay on FarmVille forever (unless you delete it)! We hope it’s a fun way to remind millions how much Farmers cares about real lives and assets. For you FarmVille players, even though wither protection is going away, it may be back again; so stay in touch here to know when! The FarmVille community is amazing and we want to play for as long as you want us. Thank you!!"

The Win-A-Ride Sweepstakes is also still going on. Farmers have until 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, on November 15, 2010, to enter. Just "Like" the Farmers Insurance Facebook Page and fill out the entry form.

Will you be keeping your Airship around?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New FarmVille Loading Screen Teases Several UNRELEASED Items

You may have noticed a new Halloween loading screen on FarmVille tonight (10/27/10), featuring many unreleased items. The building on the right is the unreleased Haunted Castle. There are also new Halloween decorations, animals and Black Rose items.

 The names are not definite, but here are the unreleased Halloween items shown:

Unreleased Robot Cow
Unreleased FarmVille Halloween Building:
  • Haunted Castle
Unreleased FarmVille Halloween Animals:
  • Black Witch Cat
  • Robot Cow
Unreleased FarmVille Halloween Decorations:

New FarmVille FREE Halloween Giftable: Sphynx Statue

Check your FarmVille "Free Gifts" page for the newest Halloween giftable addition: the Sphynx Statue. For a limited time, farmers can send this to their friends or request it via their news feed.

Take a tip from Wende King's FarmVille Feed Fanatic featured Halloween Farm and place this statue in your graveyard. If you have the Sphynx cat from an earlier promotion, you can spookify it. This will look like a ghost sphinx hovering over it's monument.

Roman Golden Horse FarmVille/Mafia Wars Cross-Promotion Prize

Mafia Wars Golden/Roman Horse Pop-Up.
Zynga is holding a new cross-promotion, this time between FarmVille and Mafia Wars Rome. The prize is a Golden/Roman Horse statue decoration for your farm. (The statue pop-ups refer to it by both names.)

You should see a pop-up when entering your farm. If you don't, then visit the "Decorations" tab in the FarmVille Market. The Roman Horse listing will have a "Play Mafia Now" button. Clicking that will take you to the FarmVille promotion.

Roman Horse in FarmVille Market
Once clicking to play Mafia Wars, players will receive a pop-up to accept a challenge. The challenge is to

Animal Feed Trough Stages & Collecting Wandering Animals Detail Screens

The new FarmVille animal feed troughs have four stages: Empty, Half-full, Full and Animal Inside. After you have collected all 20 scoops of animal feed, it is time to wait for a wandering animal. You will know an animal stopped by when the trough doors close, the green light goes on and the pink collection bubble appears above the building.

FarmVille Animal Feed Trough Stages

Adopting a Wandering Farm Animal

Once you have collected the 20 feed scoops to fill your trough, you will get a pop up informing you an animal will stop by within a day. It also allows you to post feed for your friends.

FarmVille Animal Feed Trough Guide

FarmVille Feed Trough

The FarmVille Feed Trough is a new building with a purpose that awards farmers with wandering animals. The building almost takes up a 2x2 crop space. The Feed Trough is pre-built, so farmers won't have to worry about collecting construction materials.

Within 24 hours of collecting enough feed, a wandering animal should arrive on your farm. You will be able to adopt that animal--if you don't wait too long.

FarmVille Feed Trough placement screen.
1.  Place the Feed Trough on your farm. Upon entering your farm, a window will pop up offering to let you place it. If you don't have the room for immediate placement, the trough will go to your gift box. If your gift box is full, a trough can be purchased in the market for 1 coin. (Limit one trough per farm.)

FarmVille Feed Trough feed share screen.
2.  Collect Feed. You will need to collect 20 bags of feed to attract a wandering animal.

Animal Feed can be found by:
  • Visiting your neighbors' feed troughs and clicking on them.

White Witch Cat Available for iPhone Users Only

A new Halloween animal has been released exclusively for those who tend their farms via the FarmVille iPhone App. The White Witch Cat is in theirFarmVille Market for 50,000 Coins.

Farmers who don't have the iPhone can still borrow one to purchase this witchy feline.

New & Old FarmVille Halloween Decorations Released: Halloween Train, Dreadful Fence & More

A Tuesday night update wouldn't be complete without new decorations and FarmVille has added eight new items tonight. The Halloween Train has entered the Market and two event decorations from last year are back!

These new decorations will be in the market for 5 days.

Re-Released FarmVille Halloween Decorations 10/26/10:
  • Jack-O'-Lantern - cost 3,000 coins, 30 XP gained
  • Dreadful Fence - cost 5,000 coins, 50 XP gained
New FarmVille Halloween Decorations Released 10/26/10:
  • Halloween Train - cost 25 Farm Cash, 320 XP gained
  • Halloween Car - cost 120,000 Coins, 1,200 XP gained
  • Halloween Cart (Caboose) - cost 7 Farm Cash, 70 XP gained
  • Franken Gnome - cost 12 Farm Cash, 120 XP gained
  • Franken Bride - cost 100,000 Coins, 1,000 XP gained
  • Ghostcrow - cost 12 Farm Cash, 120 XP gained

All these decorations are an awesome addition to the Halloween theme, but we're still waiting for our Gargoyle Gate!

What is your favorite new Halloween decoration released tonight?

New FarmVille Halloween Building: Frankenstein Lab Finally Released

Frankenstein Lab in FarmVille Market
FarmVille has finally released the Frankenstein lab. FarmVille gave farmers a glimpse of this monstrous building in their first Halloween Teaser Video.

This new animated Halloween building will set farmers back 42 Farm Cash. The Frankenstein Lab will exit the market in five days.

FarmVille Frankenstein Lab
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