Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mandarin and Mallard Ducks Now In FarmVille Market

FarmVille Green Mallard
FarmVille has released three ducks into the market, as part of the LE "Winter Wonderland" theme (although we're guessing it's more in honor of the newly released Duck Pond). The ducks will only be available for 14 days.

Ducks Released into FarmVille Market 1/11/2011:
  • Female Mandarin, 16 Farm Cash, gain 1600 XP
  • Male Mandarin, 16 Farm Cash, gain 1600 XP
  • Green Mallard, 16 Farm Cash, gain 1600 XP
New Ducks in FarmVille Market

Will you be adding these quackers to your new Duck Pond?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

FarmVille Duck Pond has Arrived! (Slow Roll-Out)

The newest animal 'building' with a purpose, the Duck Pond, is slowly being released to FarmVille players. If you haven't received your pond yet, start collecting shovels and watering cans in anticipation.

Are you excited about this decorative animal storage solution?

2 Free Farm Cash "Alpha & Omega" Sponsored Link

"Alpha & Omega" FarmVille Sponsored Link Screen Shot
FarmVille has teamed up with another animated movie, "Alpha & Omega", for a Free Farm Cash promotion! To get the 2 free Farm Cash you will need to click the ad underneath your FarmVille game screen and follow the prompts.

Enter who you would like to go on a journey with and then play the game. When you're done, you will receive 2 Free Farm Cash.
"Alpha and Omega" is a classic tale about young love facing the trials of coming from different backgrounds, while making the journey home.Only the young lovers are, you know, wolves.

The movie was released in 2010, but the promotion is for the Blue Ray and DVD release.

Will you be participating for free farm cash?

New Limited Time Art Collection

FarmVille Art Collection Glue Bottle
FarmVille has released the newest limited time collection: the Art Collection. To win the (as of yet unknown) prize, farmers must collect the following:
  • 10 Paper (common)
  • 10 Pipe Cleaners (common)
  • 10 Crayons (common)
  • 7 Glue Bottles (uncommon)
  • 7 Scissors (uncommon)
  • 3 Paint Brushes (rare)
*The  hint for all five collectibles is to "spread some seed".

FarmVille Limited Time Art Collection

Will you be furiously planting seed to finish this new collection?
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