Friday, April 30, 2010

FarmVille Buildable Botanical Gardens


FarmVille has released a massive update this morning - starting with a Botanical Gardens. The Botanical Gardens can be built with the help of your neighbors or be purchased already completed for 50 farm cash. The Botanical Gardens frame can be purchased in the FarmVille market for 5,000 farm coins. The 50 supplies needed can be gifted from friends or or purchased for 1 farm cash each.

The Botanical Gardens is pretty, but rather large. It takes up the space of nine plots and appears to only be a decoration, not a building with a purpose. What do you think? Will you be making permanent room for the Botanical Gardens or storing it in your newly expanded storage?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

FarmVille Fuel Now Available for Coins for Limited Time

FarmVille 1 and 5 fuel refills are now available in the Market for coins. One fuel refill is 10,000 farm coins. Five fuel refills can be bought for 50,000 coins. One fuel refill is 3 FV$, at regular price.

Farmers will have to achieve one of the three co-op medals (gold, silver or bronze) this week to purchase fuel at this price. Since this special offer is tied to the co-ops, farmers must be at Level 20 to take advantage of it. Limit is one fuel purchase each, per day.

While this may help fuel strapped and coin rich farmers, it is an easily overlooked update for those farmers who are constantly coming across fuel in the game feed, eggs, mystery boxes or on farms. How does this update affect your farm?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

FarmVille Introduces Cheap New Terrier Puppy for Coins!

A new Terrier Puppy has just arrived in the FarmVille market. The Terrier Puppy comes cheap - only 5,000 coins! Farmers must have at least 15 neighbors to purchase this cute new bargain dog. The Terrier Puppy can also be purchased for 65 farm cash.

Like the coin Border Collie Puppy, the new Terrier Puppy must be fed once a day for two weeks or he will run away. Farm cash purchased puppies will not run away, but must be fed to grow up.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Huge FarmVille Feed Puppy Glitch

Feed Your Puppy or Your Neighbors May Redecorate Your Farm

A recent glitch has been occurring to FarmVille players fertilizing neighbors' farms. If a message pops up to feed your friend's puppy, you can suddenly become owner of that farm! A visit to the Official FarmVille Forums let me know this wasn't an isolated glitch.

Here's what happened to me:

I visited my FV friend's farm and a message popped up to "Feed Bony" (her dog). I went over to the dog and was able to tickle, etc. I couldn't find an option to feed, just ask for food. I went to take a pic, cause I thought this was a cool new interactive FarmVille feature. The photo app got everything kinda stuck. Moving my mouse around, I was given the pop up on her decorations that would let me move them. I clicked it and was able to move one of her ponds!

Then my game went out of sync. Going back to her farm, I wasn't able to do this again, although the "Feed Bony" message came back up.

Have any of you had similar experiences?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

FarmVille Dog/Puppy Customization Options & Breed Functions

FarmVille dogs have several options to customize them into the puppy of your choice. As promised we are able to name our farmer's new best friend. You can choose to have a boy or girl dog. Each farm cash purchased dog lets you pick between three color choices (colors depend on breed). Color selections are final upon purchase. The coin border collie only comes in red. If another color is selected, the price will change from 300,000 coins to 65 farm cash.

Each FarmVille dog breed also performs a special task, once they are fully grown. 

  •  Sheep dogs harvest sheep.
  • Border collies work with other animals. 14 days until we know exactly what this means.
  • Golden retrievers fetch.

Farmville Dogs Have Finally Arrived - As Puppies!

Three breeds of dogs have arrived in FarmVille - border collies, sheep dogs and golden retrivers. As promised in the podcasts, the dogs are raisable pupppies! All dogs can be purchased and customized for 65 farm cash each. A red border collie is available for 300,000 coins. 

Puppies will have to be fed in order to grow up. The red border collie that can be purchased for coins must be fed once a day, for 14 days. If not, they will run away. These dogs only come with one bag of puppy kibble, but don't worry about the 5 FV$ per bag market price. Puppy kibble is now a free FarmVille giftable.

Farm cash purchased puppies  do not run away and come with 14 bags of kibble.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mystery Box, Spring & April Fools' Day Items End Today

Many limited time speciality items will be retired from the FarmVille Market today. Here are the items, their cost and XP, to help FarmVille Fanatics make last-minute purchasing decisions.

Light Blue & Pink Spring Mystery Box 
16 FV Cash
This Mystery Box contains a chance for a squirrel with a tree stump (350 XP), animated gnome sprinkler(300 XP), RV camper (150 XP), brown horse with plow (325),  lilypad pond (400 XP) and a duck with a kite (200 XP).

Spring/Easter Items:
Tulip Knoll - 4 FV Cash,  44 XP
Peeky Bunny - 9 FV Cash, 150 XP
Chick-N-Egg - 14 FV Cash, 170 XP
Egg Fence - 700 FV Coins, 7 XP
Little Egg Home - 24 FV Cash, 250 XP
Egg Home - 32 FV Cash, 340 XP
Big Egg Home - 38 FV Cash, 390 XP
Hampshire Lamb - 12 FV Cash, 0 XP, Harvestable

April Fools' Day Items:
Lake Nessie - 56 FV Cash, 2,000 XP
Mini Villa - 10,000 FV Coins, 100 XP
Jackalope - 20 FV Cash, 0 XP, Harvestable
Groovy Goat - 14 FV Cash, 0 XP, Harvestable
Preudocorn - 16 FV Cash, 0 XP, Harvestable

Monday, April 5, 2010

Pink Manor Arrives in FarmVille Marketplace

The Pink Manor has finally hit the FarmVille Marketplace for the first time. It can be purchased for 56 farm cash and is worth 2000 XP, the same as the white and black manors.

If you are contemplating a sweet pink theme on your farm, FarmVille has a plethora of pink items in the marketplace. They include the pink tool shed, gazebo, treehouse, barn, cottage, fence, hay bale, outhouse, scarecrow and flamingo.

More Random Theme Items Return to FarmVille Marketplace

FarmVille is on a roll, returning random items from various themes to the marketplace. More re-released FarmVille limited time items & the themes they originally debuted under:

French Chateau            Chinese New Year               Close Encounter Giftable Exclusives Nov '09 

Some California & Yellowstone Themed Items Return to the FarmVille Market

California Items

Vacation Home                    Valley Quail                  FarmVille Sign

Yellowstone Items

Deluxe Lodge               Flourishing Birch               Large Boulder

FarmVille has returned three each of the limited time California and Yellowstone themed items to the Market. Five of the items can only be purchased with FV$. The FarmVille sign can be purchased for coins. Most items cost a little more than the original release price. The Vacation Home saw an increase of 4 FV$. The Deluxe Lodge will cost FarmVille Fanatics 9 FV$ more, this time around.

FarmVille Re-releases Cowprint Items to the Market at Steeper Prices, Same XP

Most of FarmVille's Cowprint themed items returned to the market tonight. The Cowprint decorations were first released in January 2010, as a special six day limited time item. There is no time expiration date listed on the five Cowprint items this time around. Also different is a noticeable increase in price, although most experience points and resell values haven't changed. The exceptions are the Cowprint Silo (now worth 50 more XP and resells for 250 more coins) and the Milk Jug, which did not have XP as a giftable.  Here's a breakdown:

Item Price              Apr 2010 Price         Jan 2010 Price
Cowprint Barn         32 FV$                      28 FV$
Cowprint Shed        28 FV$                      24 FV$
Cowprint Tower      18 FV$                      16 FV$
Cowprint Potty        12 FV$                      10 FV$
Cowprint Silo          25,000 coins              20,000 coins
Milk Jug                  $2,070                       Free Giftable

The Cowprint Balloon and Cowprint Dairy were the only two items from this theme that did not show up Monday night. What do you think - Will the balloon show up as a free gift or in an egg? Excited these items have returned?

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