Sunday, November 7, 2010

Free FarmVille Level 2 Trees & Watering Cans Hit Game Feed

Great news for farmers whose Orchards failed to produce a new Mystery Tree Seedling--you can still score some Level 2 Trees through the FarmVille game feed! That's also awesome news for those trying to quickly master trees or don't have certain trees on their farms.

When a Mystery Seedling is produced from an Orchard, it has to be watered 10 times to grow. After five waterings, an option is given to post free Watering Cans. This is great for players with multiple Orchards, who may have been wondering if they would have been gifted enough Watering Cans.

Free Watering Cans Post on FarmVille Game Feed
When the sapling is completely watered grown into a tree, an option is given to post the Level 2 tree to their game feed. Which gives their friends a chance to collect it.

Free Level 2 Tree on FarmVille Game Feed

Are you relieved that Level 2 trees are on the game feed?

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