Thursday, November 4, 2010

New FarmVille Country Fair Decorations Released 11/4/10

New FarmVille Country Fair Loading Screen, featuring carnival rides.
Thursday night's update also included more limited edition Country Fair decorations. The Popcorn Stand and Farm Float are from last year's event, but there are three brand new decorations to add to your farm. These decorations will exit the market in 12 days.

New FarmVille Country Fair Decorations 11/4/10:
  • Popcorn Stand - cost 2,500 Coins, 25 XP gained (re-release)
  • Fair Sign - cost 20,000 Coins, 200 XP gained
  • Strength Test - cost 100,000 Coins, 1000 XP gained
  • Farm Float - cost 17 Farm Cash, 200 XP gained (re-release)
  • Swing Ride - cost 36 Farm Cash, 900 XP gained

 What do you think of the Country Fair Event so far?

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