Friday, November 5, 2010

New FarmVille 'My Mastery' Menu Includes LE Crops

FarmVille 'My Mastery' Access Icon
FarmVille has added a new 'My Mastery' button to the UI menu. To access it, go to the lower right corner of the screen. Click the 'Collections' button. You will now see three mastery stars, in addition to the collections and ribbons icons. That will lead you to the 'My Mastery' menu.

'My Mastery' seed menu
The 'My Mastery' menu will show your mastery progress on all crops and trees. The 'Seeds' section is in alphabetical order. This menu has a new feature, it shows limited edition seed mastery! (Notice the LE Cupcakes crop in the above picture.) It doesn't just show the LE crops you have mastered, but those you have harvested any crops for. If you didn't harvest at least one plot of a LE crop, that seed won't show up on your list.

'My Mastery' tree menu
The 'Trees' section of the 'My Mastery' menu top row shows level one trees in alphabetical order. Under these trees are the level two tree seeds they produce. This keeps your orchard mystery seeds from being so, well, mysterious.

Do you think the new FarmVille mastery menu is useful?

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