Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Megamind Promotion Has Landed on FarmVille!

Megamind Neighbor Icon
Self-proclaimed "Incredibly handsome master of all villainy" Megamind has grabbed his own farm on FarmVille, for a one-day promotion. Farmers have a chance to help the master genius out by activating his machine. In return, you will receive two gifts.

The farm promotes the 'Megamind' movie, which will enter theaters Friday, November 5.

Megamind Farm Help Screen
 Megamind's farm is stocked with cool items that we would love to see hit the FarmVille Market. The mud pit would be an awesome addition next to the pig pen, the perfect stage for frolicking pot belly pigs. His barn would fit right in with the UFO theme items. And the blue cows? We just *want* those--and their calves-- badly.

Unfortunately, like the McDonald's promotional farm, chances are most of these decorations will remain off-limits to farmers. Sadness.

Megamind's farm on FarmVille

To access Megamind's farm, look for his neighbor icon on your FarmVille friend's list. It will be to the right. Clicking on his avatar will whisk you away to the Megamind farm.

Are you excited about this new FarmVille promotional farm?

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