Friday, November 12, 2010

New FarmVille Pig: Spotted Potbelly

FarmVille Spotted Potbelly
FarmVille has enhanced tonight to offer us a brand new Country Fair Event animal. The Spotted Potbelly can be purchased for 18 Farm Cash and can be found in the Market for the next 14 days.

The Spotted Potbelly Pig can also be placed in the Pig Pen, and be be used there to hunt for truffles.

Spotted Potbelly Pig in FarmVille Market
In further FarmVille Country Fair animal news, the Pinto Pony and Dwarf Goat are now full price. The Pinto Pony is now 24 Farm Cash and the Dwarf Goat is 14 Farm Cash. Both animals will exit the market in 14 days.

Will you be buying the new Spotted Potbelly Pig?

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