Friday, November 12, 2010

New FarmVille Crops: Purple Asparagus & Electric Lilies

FarmVille introduced two new crops Thursday, Purple Asparagus and Electric Lilies. Both new crops are available for Mastery, if you have met the special requirements.

Purple Asparagus Crop Details:

Purple Asparagus can be planted by Level 47 and above farmers and will require that you first master Asparagus.

Purple Asparagus seeds cost 220 Coins to plant, 2 XP gained, take 16 hours to grow and yield 365 coins when harvested.

Purple Asparagus Crop Mastery Levels:
  • Mastery Star Level 1: 800
  • Mastery Star Level 2: 1,600
  • Mastery Star Level 3: 2,400
  • Total Mastery: 4,800
Electric Lilly Crop Details:

Electric Lilies are available to level 98 and above farmers, who have mastered Lilies, Orange Daisies, Sunflowers and White Roses.

Electric Lilies cost 950 Coins to plant, 4 XP gained, take 1 day to grow and yield 1111 coins when harvested.

Electric Lilies Crop Mastery:
  • Mastery Star Level 1: 750
  • Mastery Star Level 2: 1500
  • Mastery Star Level 3: 2250
  • Total Mastery: 4500

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