Friday, November 12, 2010

New FarmVille Country Fair Decorations: UFO Ride, Pony Ride & Fair Fence

FarmVille UFO Ride
Three new Country Fair decorations have been added to the FarmVille Market on Thursday night's update. A new Fair Fence and two carnival rides, the UFO Ride and Pony Ride. The Fair Fence and Pony Ride can be purchased with coins, but it will take Farm Cash to score the new UFO Ride.

New FarmVille Country Fair Decorations 11/11/10:
  • UFO Ride - cost 20 Farm Cash, 2000 XP gained
  • Pony Ride - cost 250,000 Coins, 2500 XP gained
  • Fair Fence - cost 5,000 Coins, 50 XP gained
Pony Ride in FarmVille Market
Fair Fence in FarmVille Market
UFO Ride in FarmVille Market

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