Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Evergreen Train Rolls Into FarmVille Market

The Evergreen Train previewed in Tuesday night's Country Fair Showcase 2 Video has arrived in the FarmVille Market. It looks like the train may be a permanent addition, as there is no expiration date and it was placed behind limited edition items.

The Evergreen Train, Car and Cart can be found under the market 'decorations' tab, along with the train track sections.

New FarmVille Evergreen Train Parts:
  • Evergreen Train - cost 20 Farm Cash, 320 XP gained
  • Evergreen Car - cost 120,000 Coins, 1200 XP gained
  • Evergreen Cart - cost 7 Farm Cash, 70 XP gained
FV Evergreen Train in Market
FV Evergreen Car in Market
FV Evergreen Cart in Market

 What do you think of FarmVille's newest train?

1 comment:

  1. is it the evergreen train running thru train tract?


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