Friday, November 12, 2010

New FarmVille Country Fair Tree: Snow Cone Tree

FarmVille Snow Cone Tree

A second harvestable tree has been added to the FarmVille Country Fair Event, the Snow Cone Tree. This tree takes two days to harvest and yields 150 coins. The Snow Cone Tree is limited edition and will only be in the market for 14 days, costing 5 Farm Cash.

Even though the Snow Cone Tree can be harvested, Mastery is not available. It is also not available for the Country Fair Cotton Candy Tree. It seems like FarmVille may be missing a selling point there. This blue tree is awesome, but we would be more likely to pony up Farm Cash if limited edition trees were masterable.

Snow Cone Tree in FarmVille Market
Would you be more likely to by a limited edition tree for Farm Cash if Mastery was available? Or is exclusivity enough?

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