Friday, November 5, 2010

Orchard Mystery Seed Producing & Growing Guide

Mystery Seed Process
The new FarmVille Orchard is harvestable once every 24 hours. After harvesting, you’ll gain the total amount of coins each of the trees normally produces. Much like the horse stable.

Harvesting your Orchard may produce a Mystery Seed. You will get a pop-up, and the new Mystery Seed will go to your Gift Box.

The Mystery Seed is a new tree! The mystery is that you won't know what kind of tree until it is grown. What that tree is depends on what trees are in your orchard.

Lexilicious gives this example in the Official FarmVille Forum:
"For example, if your Orchard has 15 Apricot Trees and 5 Guava Trees, chances are the Orchard will produce an Apricot seedling rather than a Guava seedling. In addition, the Mystery Seed is an upgraded version of tree that produced it. To continue the example used above, if the seedling comes from an Apricot tree then it will produce an Apricot Golden tree (a Level 2 tree). Note that some Level 2 trees may already be available in FarmVille in one form or another, and they do not produce anything better than Level 2 trees (there are no Level 3 trees… yet). That doesn’t mean you can’t have them in your Orchard though!"
An easier way to figure out what seed you are likely to produce, is to look inside your orchard. Each
tree variety will have a drop-down screen, when you mouse over it. That screen will show you what type of new seed/tree that tree produces.

Orchard 'Look Inside' screen, revealing what Mystery Seed is produced by a Peach Tree.
To grow a Mystery Seed into a new tree, place it on your farm. Then water it ten times with watering cans. To water the sapling, click on it and choose the Watering option. You have to have watering cans to do this.

You can then place the fully grown tree into your Orchard or leave it on your farm.

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