Friday, November 5, 2010

New Official FarmVille Podacst 11/05/10: Orchards, Turkey Roost & Fun House

This week’s official FarmVille Podcast has been released. FarmVille Community Manager Lexilicious reviews the last two weeks and covers Orchard specifics. There is news on two coming limited editions items, the Turkey Roost and a buildable Fun House!

You can listen to the YouTube video above or check out the highlights below.

Official FarmVille Podcast Highlights (11/5/10):

FarmVille Country Fair Event
  • Old Country Fair items re-released in market
  • New LE Country Fair items in market
  • One click harvesting, 20 trees per building and can produce special tree seeds.
  • First buildable Orchard frame is free.
  • Constructable building with 30 required parts.
  • Subsequent Orchard frames costs 1,000 Coins for buildable or 30 Farm Cash for a complete Orchard.
  • The orchard shows which trees are placed inside. The order trees are placed inside determines look.
  • Harvest once ever 48 hours.
  • Harvesting an Orchard can reward you with a Mystery Tree Seed, but not guaranteed.
  • Mystery Tree is decided by the Trees placed inside.
  • Only Level 1 and  Level 2 trees, for now.
  • Water the Mystery Seed ten times to grow your new tree.
  • Harvesting trees goes towards new Tree Mastery. Mastery levels can be checked by looking in Orchard.
FarmVille Turkey Roost
  • New  a limited edition building - construction needed.
  • Can be expanded twice, to hold 40 Turkeys.
  • Harvesting Roost can yield baby Turkeys or special items for the upcoming Thanksgiving collection basket.
Fun House
  • Can be purchased with farm cash or constructable building.
  • Part of the LE Country Fair theme.
11/05/10 Zynga Official FarmVille Podcast Transcript 

What do you think of the coming soon features? 

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