Thursday, November 11, 2010

FarmVille Bi-Plane Now Works on Trees!

FarmVille Bi-Plane Growing Trees Loading Screen
The FarmVille Bi-Plane has been updated to include the ability to instantly grow trees. Instantly growing trees also works with the UFO and Chrome Plane.Using insta grow on trees does cost Farm Cash.

To use this feature, click on your Bi-Plane and go to 'Apply Instant Grow.' You will then see this new Bi-Plane screen:

FarmVille Bi-Plane 'Apply Instant Grow' Screen
Both crops and trees will automatically be selected. Just click on the box to uncheck a selection you don't want to use insta grow on. (Price will change to reflect your selections.)

The screen tells you separately how much Farm Cash it will take to instantly grow all of the crops and trees on your farm. The 'Cost' total is how much Farm Cash you will be charged, if you click 'Grow Now!'

The loading screen gives the impression that the Bi-Plane will also instantly make your FarmVille Orchards ready to harvest. We haven't tested this, so can't say for sure that it will.

Will you be using the bi-plane to get your trees ready to harvest?

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