Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New FarmVille LE Country Fair Buildings: Garlic Stand & Festival Band

FarmVille Festival Band
FarmVille Garlic Stand
FarmVille has released some interesting new buildings as part of the LE Country Fair theme, the Garlic Stand and the Festival Band stand.

The Festival Band features the FarmVille duck, white chicken and sheep on a stage, playing instruments. This new building is part of the two-day 50% off Country Fair item sale.

The Garlic Stand and picnic table are so whimsical, we're thinking it would look fitting next to our Shoe House. This building will be in the market for 14 days.

New FarmVille Country Fair Buildings:
  • Garlic Stand – cost 250,000 Coins, 2500 XP gained
  • Festival Band – cost 21 Farm Cash (50% off)
Garlic Stand in FarmVille Market
Festival Band in FarmVille Market

 Will you be adding either of these new buildings to your farm?

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