Sunday, November 7, 2010

FarmVille Watering Cans Not Working & Taking Farm Cash Glitch

There are some major glitches happening when players try to water their new Mystery Tree Seedlings. Using watering cans from the gift box is taking Farm Cash and if you don't have Farm Cash, Watering Cans can't be used.

For those who have Farm Cash missing, refresh your game and breathe a sigh of relief. Your balance will return to normal. If for some reason it doesn't (which a few players have reported) contact Zynga Customer Support.

Players without Farm Cash are noting that Watering Can application isn't sticking, so their saplings won't grow. They are also reporting a negative cash balance.

FarmVille Community Manager Grimwell posted in the Official FarmVille Forums that missing Farm Cash seems to be a display issue. It is still there on the back end. That's why refreshing the game works. His post:
"Hi there,

I want to drop into this thread to let you know that we are looking into this.

For those of you who look like you are losing Farm Cash when you water a sapling, please try to refresh your game client. Currently it looks like the "charge" is not actually happening, and is a false report. It may look like it's going away, but it's staying with your farm behind the scenes.

If you do find that a refresh does not return your FC, please contact Zynga CS for additional help while we look into the issue.

Community Manager Grimwell's post on watering can glitches in the FarmVille Forum.

 Have your Watering Cans been glitching?

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  1. yep mine uses my cash and goes to negative value


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