Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Country Fair Buildings: Ferris Wheel & Corn Stand

FarmVille Ferris Wheel
Two limited time Country Fair buildings have entered the FarmVille Market. One, the Ferris Wheel, is from last year's event. The second, a Corn Stand, is new.

Just a quick caveat: What qualifies an item as a decoration or building in FarmVille? The Ferris Wheel is a building (considered one last year too), yet all other carnival rides are decorations. Likewise, the new Corn Stand is considered a building and the Cotton Candy Stand is a decoration. Pointless wondering, but still confused.

FarmVille Ferris Wheel & Corn Stand in Market

FarmVille Country Fair Buildings Released 11/4/10:
  • Ferris Wheel (re-release) - cost 42 Farm Cash, 1000 XP gained
  • Corn Stand (new) - cost 300,000 Coins, 3000 XP gained
Do you already have a Ferris Wheel on your farm?

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