Friday, November 5, 2010

Orchards Have Arrived--Time to Start Building

New FarmVille Orchard Loading Screen
FarmVille just released a new game aspect, Orchards. The Orchard is a building with a purpose, but you have to build it before you can use it.

Orchard Placement Screen
Upon entering FarmVille, you should receive a pop-up to place your Orchard. The building requires less than one and a half plots of space to be placed. If you don't have enough room on your farm cleared, the orchard will go into your gift box.

Orchard Steps
Orchard Placed on Farm
 Once you have your Orchard placed on your farm, it's time to start building! You will need:
  • 10 Nails
  • 10 Boards
  • 10 Bricks
You can request Orchard building materials from friends and gift them from the 'Free Gifts' page.

Orchard Materials Progress Screen
Half-way through building, and upon completion, you will be offered to send materials to your friends, via the news feed. The same happens when you have collected ten of a building material. You will be able to send that item out on your news feed.

Half Built Orchard
 Once your orchard is built, you can add up to 20 trees. We would show you a screen shot of the finished orchard, but it became invisible.

Invisible Completed FarmVille Orchard
Even though we can only see the place-holding shadow, trees can still be placed inside. Clicking on your Orchard, click the 'Look Inside' option. This allows you to see what trees are there.

'Look Inside' Orchard Screen
 Will you be adding an orchard to your farm?


  1. Can we have more then 1 orchard?

  2. Yes, you can have as many orchards as you can build on your farm. FarmVille has officially posted that this is okay, as long as you build them one at a time. Frames are available in the market.


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