Thursday, November 4, 2010

FarmVille Tree Mastery Debuts with Pages of New Trees

FarmVille Tree Mastery has finally arrived! Along with this new game roll-out, are pages of new trees for farmers to collect. Among these are the Angel Red, Autumn Ginkgo and Golden Plum Tree.

Like crop and craft mastery, Tree Mastery has three levels. After harvesting enough trees to complete all levels, farmers will receive a Mastery Sign.

You can check your Tree Mastery progress by going to the FarmVille Market and clicking on the 'Trees' tab. New trees can also be purchased there. FIVE PAGES of trees are available!

New FarmVille Tree Pages in Market:

FarmVille Tree Mastery page 1
FarmVille Tree Mastery page 2
FarmVille Tree Mastery page 3
FarmVille Tree Mastery page 4
FarmVille Tree Mastery page 5
Will you be buying any new trees to master?

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